Mozambique Private Equity Fund

Why Mozambique

The Strategy

The Structure

Mozambique is rich in natural resources (it has the 4th largest natural gas reserves in the world) and they are strategically located to supply the markets that will drive natural resources demand (China, India)


The country become a recipient of large foreign direct investment and has received the presence of large multinationals


New businesses are growing to serve the needs of foreign investors, expatriates, etc, that have very interesting risk/reward profile


Strongeagle has a deep knowledge of the Mozambican economy. With offices in Maputo and Pemba it is in a privileged position to identify opportunities and structure and monitor investments







To build a portfolio of investments in private equity and real estate that benefits from the positive impact of the large investments in natural gas exploration, infrastructure development, mining. These investments have created a surge in the demand for services and products that are met by new or growing companies that have great potential.


The main sectors are real estate, building materials, hospitality, logistics, oil services, education.


The fund can invest in any part of  the capital structure of the target companies provided it meets governance requirements regarding sole or shared control and that it achieves an expected minimum return of 25% p.a. Preference will be given to cash flow generating investments.





Initial Capital: $25,000,000


SICAV-SIF fund in Luxembourg 


General Partner / Limited Partner structure


Management Fee: 2.0%


Carried Interest: 20% of returns above 8.0%


Investment Period: 2.5 years


Harvesting Period: 5 years with 2 one year extensions 


Investment Advisor and Majority Shareholder of the General Partner: Strongeagle Investments Limited


Investment Manager: Halkin Asset Management


Auditor: PWC


Administrator: Apex


Custodian: Royal Bank of Scotland